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$1.57M Project Value Created And Counting

$258K of value created during a recent elevator platform project. Exploring the problem from a different perspective allowed a significant amount of steel to be reduced from scope.


“It has been a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate all your leadership across our team. You have a unique support model, being 3rd party, but you acted as one of us, and we were very appreciative of you and your expertise.” Aaron A. AMS PJM Director ExxonMobil Account CBRE | Global Workplace Solutions.

Overall program value was created during the upgrade of the Calgary Imperial Campus Debugging Program.

Koncept Projects Corp (known as Koncept)

Project Challenge

Fire dampers form a part of the building's critical life safety system. They are instrumental in stopping the spread of smoke and VOCs, affording precious time for occupants to exit the building in the event of a fire safely. Regular inspection and maintenance of spring loaded dampers were hindered due to risks like falling from heights, existing infrastructure blockages and working in restricted areas.

The Solution

We begin by building a functional and dedicated team consisting of engineers and contractors experienced working in an occupied campus setting of this size and scale, focusing on providing a reliable, certified, and automated fire damper system.

Client: Environmental and Property Solution

Key Partners: CBRE, Koncept Projects, Williams Engineering, Bird

The Result

  • Budget $2.9M

  • Value Creation $1.0M

  • Construction Duration 13 months

  • Safety – No Losses

  • Program Score 5 – Exceeds Target